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The manufacturing site of Nobilio International is in Salzano, in the province of Venice, Italy, where Essezeta has the headquarters. It is a workshop working from more than 70 years, specialized in the luxury furnishing. In the factory, refined craftsmanship are made on noble and precious materials with the supervision and the quality control of Nobilio International.

Craftsmanship and diversified masteries like goldsmiths, cabinet-makers, glass-makers, marble-workers, blacksmiths, tanners, etc. of which the Italian north-east is rich, merge into Nobilio International. The craftsmen create with passion and dedication unique products that belong to the excellence of the made in Italy.

Nobilio International also provides the transport and installation of the products through a network of closed collaborators and skilled workmen. Working in the international field, the company is very careful to the foreign legislation, both for goods both for workers and environment.

Once the installation is finished, the necessary tests will be performed and the compliance certificates will be delivered.